Professional 550ml Japanese Cocktail Mixing Glass

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Professional 550ml Japanese Cocktail Mixing Glass - Bar Blades
Professional 550ml Japanese Cocktail Mixing Glass - Bar Blades

550ml Heavy Duty Japanese Yahari Style Cocktail Mixing Glass

Offering a stylish design, this Cocktail Mixing Glass is perfect for mixing some classic and contemporary cocktails.

The Cocktail Mixing Glass is ideal for preparing cocktails and other mixed drinks which require stirring rather than shaking. Whether you are a professional bartender or you just want to make more interesting cocktails at home, this Yahari Style Cocktail Mixing Glass is perfect.

This mixing glass is made of high quality glass and features a diamond design, giving a aesthetically pleasing and luxurious look - perfect for the modern day bar. With a lipped rim for easy pouring, you can make sure there will be no spillages. Ideal for use with our long mixing spoons and for straining, we recommend the 4-Prong strainer for the right amount of control.

Dimensions (approx.)
Capacity - 550ml
Height - 135mm
Diameter - 88mm

Quick Info
Mixing glass with lipped rim for pouring
Works with 4 Prong Stainer
Works with long mixing spoons
Dishwasher Safe

Cocktail mixing glasses are a necessity for any bartender at any bartending level. Why not check out some of our cocktail making videos here


When preparing a shaken cocktail, you have two basic types of mixing vessels to choose from: the 18oz shaker tin and the Boston shaker glass. .

To the beginner, the prospect of using this simple, two-piece glass-and-metal set can sometimes feel a little daunting. (Metal and glass slammed together at unlikely angles! Liquids and ice chunks flying at high velocity, restrained by little more than a vacuum seal!) But with just a little practice, mixing with a Boston shaker will become second nature in no time at all.

Approximately half a tray of ice cubes
Liquor, bitters/fruit juice/syrup/egg whites, etc., as called for in your shaken cocktail recipe.

1. There are two parts to a Boston shaker set: a mixing glass (made of tempered glass) and a snug-fitting metal 28oz tin. A 4 prong strainer  is usually used as an accessory to this type of shaker.

2. To begin, place your ingredients in the glass portion of the shaker and fill it up a little more than halfway with ice. (It's also possible to use the metal portion of the set for this step, but the glass allows you and your guests a better view of the action.)

3. Now take the metal 28oz tin and fit it over the glass at a slight angle.

 4. With the heel of your hand, strike the upturned end of the metal 28oz tin twice so that it makes a tight seal. (note: please be sure to hold the glass base steady with your other hand while you do this.)

5. Now test the strength of the seal by lifting the shaker off the bar slightly while holding the set by its top end. (If things aren't secure, give the shaker another whack with the heel of your hand and test again.)

6. Time to get shaking. Before you begin, turn the set upside down so the glass end is pointing upwards. Place one hand on the bottom of the metal 28oz tin and the other securely across the top of the glass tumbler. (This way, in the unlikely event of a breach in the seal, spills will splash on you, not your guests!) Shake vigorously so that the ice and liquid travel all the way upward into the glass portion of the shaker. You want to "shake it awake, not rock it to sleep."

7. After 30 seconds or so of shaking, place the shaker back on the counter, metal side down. Holding the unit firmly by its base, use the heel of your free hand to give it a sharp whack at its rim. This should break the seal. (If this doesn't work the first time, try again from a slightly different angle.)

8. Now that your ingredients are thoroughly mixed, and chilled, it's time to strain out the ice. Place the 4 prong strainer over the top of the metal tumbler. The four metal tabs on the top half of the device and the coiled spring around its bottom circumference ensure the strainer fits snugly over and inside the lip of the shaker.

9. Now you're ready to pour. Hold the shaker in one hand with your forefinger resting firmly on top to anchor the 4 prong strainer. Tip the shaker gently, allowing the liquid to stream slowly into the cocktail glass. Cheers!


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