Different Types Of Bar Blade

Bar blades are widely used by professional bartenders across the UK. They are a type of bottle opener specifically designed to quickly open crown bottle tops in style. They can come in many different shapes, sizes and colours, but there are several main types that we stock for you to choose from. Let’s run through them.

Basic Bar Blades

Our Basic Bar Blades are the standard bar blades for a speedy, no-nonsense bottle opening experience. If you’re unfamiliar, you need to find out how to use a bar blade and see what a difference it can make for you and your bar.

There are multiple colours to choose from including this electric blue. All basic bar blades can be customised with our products customiser. You can design your own custom text and graphics to be laser engraved onto the bar blade for that personal touch.

Hand Jive Bar Blades

The Hand Jive Bar Blades are our best selling bar blade and it’s easy to see why. They are engineered with precision to make them lightweight and strong. This makes it easier for flairing as the even weight distribution across the blade gives you greater control.

The industrial strength zinc coating ensures that each hand jive bar blade is designed to last and you won’t see any chips or scuffs, even in the harshest of working conditions.

This black widow design is the most popular and it comes with a carrying bag and spinner ring at no extra cost.

Bar Wrenches

The Bar Wrench is a unique design and has extra functionality compared with a standard bar blade. It is essentially 3 tools in 1:

Open Bottles - Quick and easy just like an original bar blade

Open Cans - The end of the wrench allows you to grip the ring pull of a can tightly. Just lift and open in one swift movement.

Strain - The groves in the middle of the wrench keeps tins in place as the liquid pours through the specially designed holes.

Bar wrenches have a nice pleasing design as you can see with this silver one. This particular model is printed to illustrate the different uses of the bar wrench.

Pourer Popper Bar Blades

The Pourer Popper Bar Blade also acts as a liquor pourer spout remover so you can get to making your cocktails quicker. Spouts can sometimes be notoriously hard to remove so the pourer popper is an ideal solution to this problem.

They are available in a variety of different colours including this neon pink with customisation options available.

Vinyl Bar Blades

Vinyl Bar Blades are similar to standard bar blades, but they have a vinyl wrap around the handle for better grip. The full or partial length coloured vinyl coats itself around the stainless steel bar blade.

With prices starting as low as £2.50, this cheap and cheerful bar blade option is great for adding a bit of colour to your bar.

There are many colours of vinyl to choose from including green, as pictured above, orange, blue, red and black.

Triple Blade Sets

Our Triple Blade Sets contain 3 bar blades, which can be customised to create your perfect bar team image. Engraving costs £10 per side for 3 in total

You can get creative with the designs for your team. Check out our Batman bar blade design above.

Snake Bite Co Bar Blades

Snake Bite Co Bar Blades are renowned for The Mamba. Made with 100% solid 304 stainless steel.

This special bartending tool is more than just a bar blade. The unique design makes it 4 tools in one.

Can Tab Opener - The can tab lever can quickly and easily pry up can tabs to save your fingernails.

Can Venting (or Snake Biting) - Airs beer as it is poured into your container, which results in a smoother and faster pour.

Bottle Opener - Designed as a four-way opener so you can pry off bottle caps regardless of which way you’re holding the tool. It is one of the fastest and easiest to use bottle openers you can buy.

Pour Spout Remover - Pour spouts can be a pain to remove once the bottle is empty. The Mamba's pour spout remover makes it easy to remove these pour spouts without damaging the bottle or spout.

Funny Bar Blades

Our selection of funny bar blades are basic bar blades printed with funny messages on them to help improve engagement between staff and customers so hopefully, you will see more tips.

This candy red bar blade gives a great reason for your customers to tip you.

Kolorcoat Bar Blades

The Kolorcoat Bar Blades are basic blades with custom-made all over designs. From tiger and zebra stripes to camouflage and poker designs, there will definitely be Kolorcoat that catches your eye.

With so many different bar blades to choose from, you should try a few out for your bar and see which you like best. They are not just tools, but they can give your bar a sense of identity and team spirit. Most of our bar blades can be customised to suit your needs.